Two sides of the Tees

I would no longer call myself a regular paddler.  I no longer get frustrated if I miss a trip after big rain.  Put it simply my priorities have changed, most likely temporarily but none the less I do not paddle that often.

So two weekends ago I had the urge.  I some how managed to pick a day that didn’t rain so headed over to the reliable high force low force section of the river Tees.

The two videos show the experience of two paddlers at the opposite ends of the learning curve.  Both still enjoyed it.

A quick Scotland trip

I was invited along on quick mid week trip to Scotland.  The aim being if no rain arrived we could still paddle the quality dam release river Moriston.

Tuesday we did laps of the upper section (shown in the vid) and then wild camped by the river.  On Wednesday we did a couple of laps of the lower section and then headed home.  However, on the way home we had a quick look at the Etive.  To our surprise it had enough water in it for a quick final paddle 🙂

Still got it!! Motivation returning :-)

So it has been 9 months and 9 days since I broke my ankle.  It has been about 3 months since I could “fit” in a kayak, however, it has also been about 3 months since it properly rained.  During this time I also lost motivation for kayaking so was not willing to chase the weather either.

It was getting to a point where I was questioning if I would ever get back in a boat.  This had two sides to it. The first was am I going to get back to the level I was at before and the second was could my ankle deal with it.  Sitting in the boat for a couple of hours is one thing, being able to run around on the bank in an emergency is another.  I have cracked the sitting in the boat part but at the sacrifice of being of no use to anyone once out of the boat for a good few minutes while I get the joint moving again.

So will I be paddling class 4 and above again soon?  I hope so.  I’ll just need to find  some understanding paddling partners and obviously hope the rain arrives sometime soon.

Anyway, I was asked if I fancied a trip to the dam released river Tryweryn in Wales.  It was forecast to be a lovely sunny day so I agreed.  Obviously with this being the 2nd time in a kayak on moving water in 9 months I was a little rusty.  However, just like riding a bike it all quickly returned.  As I am so critical of myself I used my Gopro pole to film myself so that I could self coach myself once I was home.

Injury Update 3 – Finally back on the water (ish)

It is coming up to 2 months out of cast.  My ankle is still “broken” according to the surgeon with many cracks still in the bone.  Blood supply hasn’t returned yet but this is to be expected at this time.  Walking is possible but with a limp and slowly, some days are better than others.

Physiotherapy is helping with the flexibility (only 2 degrees dorsiflexion)  but progress is slow.  The good news is I am back in my kayak but so far only on the flat water.  This partly due to the lack of rain and partly because the day after I can barely walk so I am not wanting to push it too much too soon.

flat water

So what have I been doing.  Well considering all my hobbies need a good ankle the only thing I can do is hit the gym. Obviously I can barely train legs (no squats or deads 😦 ) so it has been all upper body, Jonny Bravo here I come!! haha  As for cardio to help drop a bit of weight I have had to become a bit inventive.  My solution was a tractor tyre and a sledge hammer.  So far this has provided a good HIIT session, and is also quite good fun.

sledge hammer


My next appointment with the surgeon is in August sometime, hopefully the bone will of healed by then.  In the mean time I’ll keep on top of my physio and keep on improving my fitness to give me the best chance possible.